Suffolk University Law School will host an event where First Amendment Activist, Mary Beth Tinker, will detail the story of a small gesture of protest having an incredible impact. Because of said protest, the Supreme Court eventually ruled that teachers and students do not “shed their constitutional rights…at the schoolhouse gate.” Tinker v. Des Moines, 1969.

This event is sponsored by the Rappaport Center and Suffolk University Law School’s Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project.  The vision of the Marshall-Brennan Project is to empower high school students to be responsible citizens and lifelong participants in the democratic process.

Please join us in welcoming Mary Beth on Friday, November 15, from 4-6pm at Suffolk University Law School, 120 Tremont Street, First Floor Function Room, Boston, MA 02108.

To find out more information and RSVP, please click on this link.